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Beauty salon

Each skin is unique and each woman is one of a kind.

Every woman longs for maintaining their beauty. The Signora beauty salon is just the right place to go if you would like to get professional help in preserving your freshness and beauty. They offer a wide range of services. They use excellent quality and world famous cosmetics like the Maria Galland Paris, Payot Paris, GIGI and Joy Blasco products.

Maria Galland Paris does not only offer an exclusive therapy. Its philosophy is that each face has its own characteristics so each face deserves a suitable special care. Payot philosophy has not changed over the years. Each woman is special and everybody deserves the best product and the most suitable treatment. However, beautiful skin is not a privilege reserved only for women. The beauty salon welcomes all male guests as well. They can get also treatments that guarantee fascinating results.

The hairdressers use the very popular products of the L’ORÉAL company. The products help to achieve shining colour, they have excellent hair treatment products that help to transform you into an attractive and irresistible woman without doing any harm to your hair. In our fast paced world your hands and feet also need care. Keep in mind that your nails also tell a lot about you. Classic and French manicure, paraffin treatment for your hands and feet, as well as the biggest collection of artificial nails are all at your disposal in the beauty salon..

Would you like to surprise your loved ones with something really exquisite? The best choice is the beauty package offered by the Thermal Hotel in collaboration with the Signora Beauty Salon. You can read a description of our beauty package if you click on the Package offers menu.

Hairdressers services:

Hair dresser salon, Thermal Hotel***Superior Mosonmagyaróvár
  • Washing, drying or curling
  • Cutting with traditional scissors or with Jaguar TC
  • Dyeing, shading, marling
  • Dyeing with Diacolor ammonia free washing solution
  • Perming with traditional or acid perm-water
  • Fastening, buns, preparation of occasional coiffure
  • Hair ironing
  • Hairdresser services for men
  • Children's hairdresser

Beauty treatments:

Cosmetology, Thermal Hotel***Superior Mosonmagyaróvár
  • Cocon-therapy
  • Vitalizing treatment with cleaning for women and men
  • Relax minor treatment for women
  • Skin regenerating treatment with oxygen
  • New Age treatment for mature skin
  • C+A vitalizing treatment
  • Wrinkle lifting with collagen
  • Skin regenerating treatment with aromatherapy
  • SPS treatment for the sensible skin
  • Depilation with depilatory resin
  • Decorative make up for special occasions
  • Dyeing of your eyebrows and eyelashes

Pedicure – Manicure – Artificial nail services:

Pedicure - Manicure - Artifical nail, Thermal Hotel***Superior Mosonmagyaróvár
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Paraffin for your hands and feet
  • Pedicure Deluxe
  • Manicure Deluxe
  • French manicure
  • Artificial nails made of jelly-like material and porcelain
  • Individual decoration of the nails
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