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Gift vouchers

Surprise to your Beloved ones with a wellness experience!
Today it’s getting more important to give not a simple gift but a common experience to share. We can wrap up this nice experience to your family members if you buy a gift voucher of our wellness hotel.
Imagine a nice wellness package tied up with love and promising refreshing of body and soul. Be the first who present a wellness voucher to your family or take the moment to share the wellness hotel experince with your beloved ones.
We can pack also a pampering massage with this ribbon, which is also an excellent choise at any special time.
How can you choose, which is the best choice to have such an individual present?
  1. Give us the limit which value you would like to have this gift voucher, and it gives the donated person free hands to choose which wellness offer to take at the time of the booking, or
  1. Give us the limit which value you would like to have this gift voucher, and we will prepare and individual offer how to spend the hotel, spa & wellness services the best way, or
  1. Choose a complex package from our wellness offer selection and wrap this experience as a present in a hotel voucher.
After choosing which way to present your Beloved ones or family with the wellness experience, you can personalize your unique message with your own words which we can write on the voucher with pleasure.

The value of the hotel voucher has to be paid in advance by bank transfer or credit card. In addition to the value of the voucher, we charge 10 EUR administration costs to send you the voucher, which has to be transferred together with the value of the hotel & wellness experience voucher.
The voucher does not include the date of arrival or departure, you can add the date of booking in advance after contacting the hotel for room reservation. You can use the voucher within the expiry date, depending on the free capacity of the hotel, except holidays!
Take adventage of this great opportunity and reserve one of the above mentioned voucher types as soon as possible!
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