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Pool and sauna world

The benefits of thermal water can be enjoyed all year round. The thermal and medicinal pools of the thermal bath are available for healing and relaxing purposes. The swimming pools are the best option for those of our guest who are seeking for active recreation. We recommend our experience bath for those of our guests who visit us with their children.
Pool Temperature
( C°)
Surface Volume Depth
33,3 m long indoor swimming-pool, heated spring-water 28-29 666 m2 990 m3 1,50 m
25 m long outdoor swimming-pool, water recirculation system 26-28 340 m2 240 m3 0,75 m
Outdoor thermal pool 27-28 255 m2 180 m3 0,70 m
Outdoor swimming pool 30-32 191 m2 180 m3 0,80 m
Outdoor and indoor medicinal pools with Jacuzzi 36-38 217 m2 220 m3 1,00 m
Medicinal pool, chilled mineral water 35-37 271 m2 325 m3 1,20 m
Sitting pool, chilled mineral water 30-33 600 m2 600 m3 1,50 m

In our "Sauna World" there is a wet and a dry sauna, a steam room and a plunge pool to help you enhance the wellness experience, the regeneration, the refreshment of your body and soul.

Thermal bath, Thermal Hotel***Superior Mosonmagyaróvár Relaxing, Thermal Hotel***Superior Mosonmagyaróvár

Hungary is very rich in thermal waters: Hungary has the most unique abundance of thermal waters in Europe. The amount of thermal water to be found in Hungary is internationally significant. The majority of mineral and medicinal waters contain solute minerals. This means they are suitable for medical purposes, bath- and drinking cures as well.
Thermal water is a gift of nature. It is one of our most valuable medicines. Medicinal waters have a very complex effect. While bathing in the water you can enjoy the buoyant effect that relieves the gravitational stress from your backbone and joints. The pleasant streaming of the water gently massages your skin. The minerals absorbed through your skin have a positive curing effect. Due to its physical and chemical effect on your body we can say that thermal water has a healing effect.

Doctors say that in order to have a healing effect medicinal baths need to be relaxing and help to recreate. Colour therapists' opinion is that blue and turquoise colours have a calming effect. The slow motions of your body as you swim in the water have a beneficial effect on your body as well as your soul. The feeling of easiness felt in the warm water, and the warmth itself has a stress releasing effect and help you loosen up. Hot water (32-37 Co) makes the blood vessels dilate, the heartbeat and breathing becomes faster. Therefore thermal bath is not recommended for people suffering from heart disease or illnesses affecting the vascular system. Warm water (21-31 Co) calms the nervous system, cool water (15-20 Co) speeds up the metabolism. Water provides genuine refreshment for the tired body.
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