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Salt Cave with Dead Sea salt

„One session in salt cave is equivalent with 1 full day spent at the seaside!”
• 45 Minutes   8,- EUR
• season ticket / 5 times 35,- EUR
• season ticket / 10 times 70,- EUR
+ 1 gift 45 Minutes treatment

Children ticket:
3,- EUR / child (max. 3 child till 12 years old with 1 adult)
5,- EUR / child (12 – 18 years old)
5,- EUR / person / adult with child

Groups from 15 persons (divided in 3 groups):
5,- EUR / person
Group-children ticket (till 12 years old): min. 6 – max 10 child + 1 adult:
4,- EUR / child + 5,- EUR / adult

Pensioner ticket: 6,- EUR
Pensioner season ticket / 5 times: 27,- EUR

We kindly ask you to make an appointment in advance
at the following phone number: +36-96-206-871
Our salt cave is made by a brand new technology with application of rock salt and Dead Sea salt. It offers you natural therapy in rehabilitation, prophylaxis and health protection with usage of colour and sound experience. A specific microclimate prevails in grotto with exceptional bacteriological clearness. The air contains mineral extracts keeping temperature at a constant level and generating advantageous effect on health with negative ions!
Combination of sound-, light- and colour therapy possess with relaxation effect and emphasize on experience of well-being.  
Mineral extracts (beneficial base elements, teaming with micro organisms) keep the temperature at a constant 20-22 degrees celsius, generating an air of negative ions and positive health!
The sessions are held on comfortable deckchairs, accompanied by appropriate music (roaring sea, rustling wind, singing birds) which helps you relax and calm down. The colour-therapy set which is installed in the grotto also has a great influence on your good mental state. Warm colours (yellow, orange and red) have stimulating and energizing effects while cold colours (violet, blue and indigo) calm your senses and soothe your mood. Patients come into the cave in their own clothes and place disposable protectors on their shoes.

Medical effects:
• It’s a natural antihistamine, reducing the impact of allergic problems
• With inhalation reduces inflammation  in low and upper trachea
• It helps to rip chronic catarrh and clean trachea
• Inflammation reducing and disinfecting – is suitable to cure cutaneous diseases like eczema and psoriasis
• It protects against acidifaction
• Plays an important role in regulating blood pressure
• Strengthens immune system
In case of overproduction of thyroid, epilepsy, acute fever, tuberculosis, claustrophobia and tumors a doctor has to be consulted.
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